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”[…]Here we are 
Now you’re in my arms 
I never wanted anything so bad 
Here we are 
For a brand new start 
Living the life that we could”ve had
Me and Lucy walking hand in hand 
Me and Lucy never wanna end 
Just another moment in your eyes 
Ill see you in another life 
In heaven where we never say goodbye[…]”

- Skillet / Lucy


John Cooper …my lovee ♡♥♡♥♡


The AWESOME John L Cooper


John Cooper live at Sofia Rocks 2014, Bulgaria



The Billboard music charts have pitted fanbase against fanbase in a Hunger Games esque voting battle. The panheads are up against the directioners (which I think is totally unfair but we’ll ignore my biased opinion).

I’m not saying we have to win. I’m not even sure we can, but I feel like we need to prove to the directioner fanbase that we can at least come close. There are 4 million of us panheads. I’ve met a lot of great friends in this fanbase. Let’s show them what we’re made of! (Please don’t send hate though. That’s not what we’re about)

As of this moment, we’re ahead by 4%, guys! Maybe we have more of a chance than I thought! (Sorry but really, we’re big but that fanbase is bigger and we all know it so I would agree that it’s a little unfair but whatever moving on)

So uh…… You guys should vote. :)

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